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  • As the World Cities Day draws to the end, topics related to climate change such as urban disaster prevention and rescue and sponge city development have become a focus of all sectors. On November 1, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands and the World Resources Institute (WRI) co-hosted the High-end Seminar on Sustainable Urban Water Management under Climate Adaptation in Beijing, aiming to exchange practical experience, strategies and policies on sustainable urban water management in response to climate risks.

  • The new technologies, new methodologies and new approaches such as artificial intelligence and big data have been creating unprecedented opportunities for comprehensive urban transport management. How to grasp development opportunities to further mitigate the challenges faced by metropolises including traffic congestion, inefficient energy utilization, environmental pollution and transport safety has been a hot topic concerned by both government agencies and research organizations across the world.

  • THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS (October 16, 2018) — On the heels of one of the deadliest summers of climate-related weather disasters affecting countries all over the world, an unprecedented gathering of global leaders today launched the new Global Commission on Adaptation to catalyze a global movement to bring scale and speed to climate adaptation solutions.

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