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Invitation: China Capstone Workshop on Sustainable and Livable Cities Project

The just-concluded G20 Summit put climate change high on the agenda. For the first time in history, G20 made a special announcement on climate change. Meanwhile, China took the lead in ratifying the Paris Agreement, which sent the signal of low-carbon transition and set an example of addressing climate change and moving toward sustainable development. Today, sustainable development has become a common goal across the world. As urbanization accelerates in China, people's livelihood has been improved, but the country is also witnessing increasingly serious greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution, water stress and traffic congestion. The way that the Chinese cities pursue sustainable development will not only have a direct bearing on the well-being of Chinese citizens but also affect the development of the whole world.    

The World Resources Institute (WRI) launched the Sustainable and Livable Cities Project under the support of the Caterpillar Foundation in February 2012, and selected two Chinese cities--Chengdu and Qingdao--as pilot cities. Over the past five years, under the guidance and support of the Department of Climate Change of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and thanks to the joint efforts of various parties, we have been working hard in the two cities to explore the paths for cities to meet low-carbon development goals, and demonstrated how to develop effective and practical strategies to improve energy efficiency, cut GHG emissions and improve water quality, urban transport and land use.   

Guided by the Department of Climate Change of NDRC and hosted by WRI, this event will release over 20 outcomes in the areas of climate change, water resources, transport and energy, including research findings on low-carbon planning at national, provincial, city and community levels and policy recommendations on seven priority areas of urban low-carbon development. At the event, representatives from government agencies including NDRC, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Transport, research bodies, non-profit organizations and the media will discuss cross-sector cooperation paths for low-carbon urbanization and how to create synergy among the government, academia, businesses and the public to build low-carbon cities.

We kindly invite you to attend the event to explore and discuss challenges and opportunities in sustainable development of Chinese cities. Please find attached the agenda and traffic guide for the event. We look forward to your participation.


The first half: Launch Research Findings of “Sustainable and Livable Cities” project

Facilitator: Dr. Lailai Li, WRI China Country Director


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Remarks by WRI

Lawrence MacDonald

Vice President of Communications, WRI


Remarks by NDRC

Zhen Sun

Associate Inspector, Department of Climate Change, NDRC


Remarks by CAT

Qihua Chen

Vice President of Caterpillar Inc.

Chairman of Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Project achievements introduction by WRI

Lailai Li

WRI China Country Director


Project video



Project Closing Ceremony



Group photo & Tea Break


The second half: Discussion on urban low-carbon transition

Facilitator: Dr. Lailai Li, WRI China Country Director


Keynote Speech:

China’s Urbanization and Low Carbon Transition

Ji Zou

Deputy Director, NCSC


Keynote Speech:

Cross-sector Synergy in Developing Sustainable and Livable Cities

Yue Zhang

Inspector of Urban Construction Division of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development


Keynote Speech:

Energy Outlook in Sustainable Cities

Yande Dai

Director of Energy Research Institute, NDRC




Panel Discussion I:


Peaking and Beyond: City Low Carbon Planning and Key Areas



Ding Ding, Division Chief of International Cooperation, Department of Climate Change, NDRC



- Xiaowen Zhu, Associate Inspector, Chengdu DRC

- Ke Wang, Environment Institute, Renmin University

- Xiu Yang, Department of Policy and Regulations, NCSC

- Xiaodong Wang, Senior Energy Expert, World Bank

- Wee Kean Fong, China Climate Lead, WRI


Panel Discussion II:


Cross-Sector Synergy in Developing Sustainable and Livable Cities




Lailai Li, WRI China Country Director



- Hongwei Yang, Director, Energy Efficiency Center, Energy Research Institute, NDRC

- Xinzheng Yang, Director, Urban Transport Research Center, Science Institute of Ministry of Transport

- Zhenjun Li, Deputy Director, Qingdao DRC

- Jinfeng He, Chairman, Sichuan United Environment Exchange

- Christian Romig, Energy and Resources Policy Officer, British Embassy

- Lijin Zhong, China Water Lead, WRI



Ding Ding

Division Chief of International Cooperation, Department of Climate Change, NDRC



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